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Mr. Mallios has had extensive experience in litigating medical malpractice claims against individual physicians and hospitals. Mr. Mallios has prosecuted a number of cases involving female gynecological surgery, which have all resulted in confidential settlements. He has litigated these cases throughout the state of Texas. Mr. Mallios has made extensive use of OB/GYN physicians in the locale to not only read the records, but obtain investigation reports on individual OB/GYN's in the area where the alleged negligent act occurred. This information has proven to be invaluable in preparation for the trial.


The law firm is believed to be unique in medical malpractice in that it does not hesitate to dismiss defendants who have no culpability in a case. The philosophy of the law firm is to obtain compensation from the wrongdoer not those who are willing to tell the truth about the procedure complained of.


Mr. Mallios has represented a number of families who have lost loved ones in automobile collisions. Recently, in the Case No. 97-07498 Michaeline Vogel, et al. v. Saberdata, et al; In the 98th Judicial District Court of Travis County, Texas, Mr. Mallios secured a 1.5 million-dollar settlement for the family of an assistant deputy commissioner in the Texas Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.*  The issue in the case was not so much liability as it was damages. Through the use of creative economics consultants, Mr. Mallios was able to show the likelihood that the deputy commissioner would become the commissioner and thereby enhance the economic damages which were ultimately awarded to the family.

Automobile collisions require at times the extensive use of computer generated models. Mr. Mallios is experienced in the utilization of these types of models and can bring a fresh psychological insight to the prosecution of these claims.

* Every case is different. Similar results may not be obtained in your case. 


Mr. Mallios first began his product's liability career litigating Dalkon Shield cases in the state of Texas. Mr. Mallios is the only Texas attorney to have been a member of the National Dalkon Shield committee. He is the only attorney to have tried a Dalkon Shield case in the State of Texas. The Dalkon Shield was an IUD discovered to be defective because the tie strings at the base of the IUD were comprised of suture material which had been left over from a German manufacturer in World War II. The corporation who made the IUD purchased this suture material at a considerable discount. Because the tie strings were not enclosed and were corroded, bacteria could leak into the sterile uterus creating adhesions which, in some cases, lead to hysterectomies.

Mr. Mallios was a member of the class action committee for the Dalkon Shield settlement. Since that time, he has had extensive experience in representing complainants in breast implant cases, Norplant cases, and now represents claimants complaining of heart problems as a result of Phen-Fen, the diet pill. It is believed that Mr. Mallios represents the representatives of the estate of the only person known to have died from the use of Phen-Fen.


Mr. Mallios' initial experience in premises liability cases involved swimming pools which were thought to be dangerously defective as to depth. It is believed that Mr. Mallios has the largest settlement of a swimming pool liability claim in Texas.
Premises liability tends much on the investigation of the claim. Without evidence of prior knowledge to the property owner, Texas law generally will not recognize a claim. It is important, therefore, that a thorough and extensive canvas of the area be conducted through the local police, fire and accident records, and even health records in order to obtain the information that the property owner had some type of prior knowledge of a problem. Mr. Mallios is skilled and experienced in these types of investigations.

Mr. Mallios has also had extensive experience in oil refinery explosions and claims against oil refineries for personal injuries as a result of technology transfers. Mr. Mallios has litigated this type of case in Brazoria County and has been able to circumvent the Workers? Compensation Bar to these claims by suing the oil company who transfer certain technologies which were learned to have a dangerous propensity. With the utilization of extensive computer experience, Mr. Mallios was able to uncover documents from as far back as 20 years ago within company records which noted a history of problems with the technology resulting in personal injuries to other employees in other plants around the world due to explosions from the technology itself. The confidential settlement that was reached on behalf of the plaintiff was predicated, in part, on profits from the technology which was transferred.


Mr. Mallios has had recent experience with nursing homes and is actively pursuing several cases in Central Texas against nursing homes which killed, in one case, a 74-year old man, and which resulted in the amputation of both legs of a 64-year old diabetic. Because of Mr. Mallios' broad base of clients, a number of disgruntled former employees of these nursing homes have been located to testify as witnesses to the wrong-doing of the nursing home. Mr. Mallios continues to represent elderly clients in nursing home claims.


Mr. Mallios currently represents physicians before the Texas Medical Board (TMB) relating to investigations by TMB against practicing physicians. He is experienced in litigating standard of care violations and complaints by patients against physicians.  Mr. Mallios also represents healthcare organizations regarding corporation organization, compliance with Texas and National health care laws, and obtaining approval for new health care services and products.

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